Zellacare Adult Day Care Service is committed to enhancing the lives of senior adults through therapeutic activities and health-related services, and to providing the respite caregivers need to sustain them.


At Zellacare, we provide personalized care and attention that are fitting to your loved ones condition. We see to it that they get what they need through our individualized programs that are ideal to special health conditions.



We understand the unique and varied needs of each participant. An individual has needs that are in accordance to his or her health condition and the symptoms it brings. Therefore, the kind of care they should be given should incorporate all the necessary aids to make sure they are well-treated and appropriately attended.


Benefits of our program include:


  • Adult Day Services

  • Nutritious Meals- light breakfast, hot lunch, and an afternoon snack

  • Nursing, Health Care monitoring, rehabilitation, exercise and recreation

  • Social Services/ Worker

  • Medical supervision for all participants

  • Opportunities for social interaction with peers

  • Transportation and Field Trips


Good candidates are adults who:


  • Can benefit from the friendship and functional assistance a day care center offers

  • May be physically or cognitively challenged but do not require 24-hour supervision

  • Are mobile, with the possible assistance of a cane, walker, or wheelchair


You should consider our services when your loved ones:


  • Can no longer structure his or her own daily activities

  • Is isolated and desires companionship

  • Can't be safely left alone at home

  • Lives with someone who works outside the home or who is frequently away from home for other reasons


At Zellacare Adult Day Care Service, we make the rest of your life the best of your life!